ALTA’S FRIGHT is a survival pointnclick FNAF fangame. Download the version for free and show up your skills against all of the hostile animatronic characters! Your name is X-2000. You have been chosen to join an experiment number 2019 with a total of zero successful trials. You are trapped with beloved robots Polar and Pando. They behave strangely and you need to supervise their action before reporting to the right owners Alta and Breno. They are persons who have been missing for 347 days. The test in FNAF Gamejolt ALTA’S FRIGHT will be started after you are selected.

Similar to other FNAF Download fan-made games, your main objective is to survive a night which will last for 7 minutes real. During that period of time, you must prevent roaming machines from getting close to your area. There is one Night, and another in the hard mode, together with Extras, Cutscenes and more. Are you ready to engage in that thrilling adventure and stay alive at 6 AM? Good luck!


Alta’s Fright V.1.2.1 Huge Update