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Thanks to Scott Cawthon, we already undergo some of horrors, terrors and fears when dealing with the so-called animatronic beings in Five Nights at Freddy’s games. Now, these nasty robots want to scare you once again even though Freddy’s Fazbear’s Pizza Restaurant has already shut down for good. However, that never stops their intention, because there is going to be another restaurant (exactly Candy restaurant) will take its place to produce and deliver brand new types of entertainments. The restaurant has just begun, so the job recruitment is still available! Now, you will become a worker of that place with the job of observing and safeguard the restaurant when the night comes. Try to keep an eye on the cameras, watch out the animatronic beings like Freddy and his toys and do whatever it takes to stop them from attacking you and try to survive for 5 nights.


  • The entire restaurant will be dark at night, so the cameras have Night Vision.
    To activate Night Vision, just click on a camera to see the camera feed, then click on it again to enable Night Vision.
    You can switch to other cameras with Night Vision enabled, and click a camera again to disable Night Vision.
  • The cameras CAM-04 and CAM-06 are pointed right at the other side of each of the doors, so use Night Vision to see if anything comes by.
  • The 3 little “mini batteries” above the Power Meter are for each of the 3 doors in your office.
    When a door is closed, the mini-power-meter of that door will start to fill up.
    The mini-power-meters show how much power a door uses, and the longer a door is closed, the more power will be drained!

See how long you can withstand all the terrors! Good luck!

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