Five Nights at Fazbear Storage

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Following the storyline of Five Nights at Freddy’s games, this time we will make our arrival at something called Fazbear Storage. Does this sound so strange? What are we going to do in that nasty place? All the truth will be exposed! Well, there are lots of equipment stored in that place, including some animatronics. We put them there, and we only use them for some certain reasons. Everything is not what it seems! And looks like there is something evil that will happen soon. Well, the problem is we are not able to turn off all of those disgusting animatronic beings, something wrong about the malfunctioning.

Therefore, your mission is to keep an eye one them all the time and try to ensure that nothing goes wrong during your work. Make an effort to stop them from destroying any stuff that we kept there. That sounds so scary, right? Will you handle them and withstand all their attacks? Let’s check it out!

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