Five Nights at Freddys’: REMASTERED

Five Nights at Freddys’: REMASTERED

Five Nights at Freddys’: REMASTERED is a fangame with gameplay similar to Fnaf. Download and play for free your way! Especially, try to defend from animatronics! They are dangerous enemies which have no the same movement patterns. So, being a night guard of the restaurant in Fnaf Five Nights at Freddys’: REMASTERED is not an easy job because you will be threatened constantly. It’s best to use items to prevent them from breaking into your room! Here is every stuff contained in the gameplay that you should control! 

  • Vents
  • Cameras
  • Doors
  • Power
  • Changed Mechanics
  • Daytime
  • New Shop
  • New Characters

Five Nights at Freddy’s:Remastered

v1.123 Alpha(Sketch)

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