Five Nights at Illuminati

Let’s get ready to fulfil the hot challenging mission in Five Nights at Illuminati! Start to download this free online horror adventure game and find out what you will experience!

Download Five Nights at Illuminati

You are welcomed back to the MLG No Souper Museum in which there are so many dreadful challenges awaiting you ahead. Your adventure will begin in the so-called museum. Being trapped there and having no clue about how to get out of it are so risky when there are a bunch of dangers surrounding you. You have no choice but calming your soul and trying to figure out which step you should take to complete the mission and survive till the end. Make sure that you can enable the laser gate and shut down the vent if anyone exists there. You’re gonna have time for dealing with uninvited guests. Try to figure out what they want from you and do whatever it takes to keep you survived. The game is so interesting and enjoyable! It was made and inspired by the Five Nights at Pingas and One Night at Flumpty’s. Download and play the game now! Good luck, guys!

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