Five Nights at Mumbo’s 2

Download Five Nights at Mumbo's 2

Five Nights at Mumbo’s 2 is a fangame of the popular horror Five Nights at Freddy’s series. Start your job and manipulate all the available devices to defend! The part-time night shift that you accept to carry out will be set in a dark building. It is the place where is known for mysterious disappearances and you only realize that when you step into the office. Your room will be disturbed frequently by some scary creatures. You must block these monsters or they will kill you once you get caught.

It’s free to download Five Nights at Mumbo’s 2 and utilize whichever that you see in the area! In case you spot a ragdoll in the table, please switch off the lights! If Prototype Mumbo invades your space, quickly hide in the locker to avoid his jumpscares! To deal with Mumbo and Wheezy, you should close the door in time! Besides, press down the Wind Music button in the party if you are warned! There will be a minigame that can reveal a couple of secrets. Strike A or D key properly to move! Good luck!

Download Five Nights at Mumbo’s 2