Sans Simulator 2 Demo

Sans Simulator 2 Demo is a strategy Fnaf fangame. Explore a turn-based multiplayer match and destroy all of the enemies quickly to collect the highest points! Fnaf Sans Simulator 2 Demo is the second episode which is released with several interesting items.


  • Attacks! They will consist of classic tips like rotating Gaster Blasters or the Bone stab move and more. Not only that, you can find other additions in your Fnaf download game such as the Homing-BOnes, Bouncing Bones, etc. 
  • Moddable! Sans Simulator 2 Demo game can be adjusted. In which, you are allowed to set again Sans’s Sprites or replace Megalovania with any sounds. Visit the directory of your favorite Fnaf action game and modify everything you want. Do not forget to test Garfield Simulator or Ness Simulator! 
  • Modes! There are two rooms in Fnaf Sans Simulator 2 Demo, Challenge and Singleplayer. 
  • Soul Types! Aside from 4 kinds in the previous chapter, you can see the Purple and the switching button in Sans Simulator 2 Demo
  • Online Multiplayer? Hope it will be added soon! 
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Sans Simulator 2 Demo

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