Weekdays at Wilbur’s 2

Weekdays at Wilbur's 2 Download
Weekdays at Wilbur’s 2 Download

Weekdays at Wilbur’s 2 is now ready for download! Come play this fun yet horror FNAF fan game to show your survivability and experience a new adventure. Weekdays at Wilbur’s 2 free download is a game inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon. The creator of this title has brought a new scary adventure as well as a new storyline to you. The game is also known as a sequel to a fan game called Weekdays at Wilbur’s. In this title, some outside school activities and community service have been posted by your college. One of these activities is to become a nightguard working at an animatronic testing facility. This is the place where people preserve and take care of robotic mascots from lots of locations. Your mission is to keep this place safe as well as protect yourself from those animatronics, otherwise, they will jumpscare you. Your goal is to survive to become the winner in Weekdays at Wilbur’s 2! Wish you luck!

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