Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 Easter Eggs

Did you ever bump into all the Easter eggs in Five Nights at Freddy’s 3? There are several Easter Eggs that you could see while experiencing the game. Easter eggs are known as hidden details or objects that players can find during their game. Bonnie, Springtrap, and Freddy can be the main objects toward these Easter Eggs. Although they are just viewed as hidden details, they are still useful objects to let players know more about mysteries. And of course, those details are very rare to catch sight of. But with this FNaF Guide below here, hopefully, you will get enough information about these awesome eggs!

Easter Eggs in FNaF 3

Springtrap splitting his head off

It’s extremely rare for this Easter egg to occur whenever you begin your night. The picture of it is very annoying. Through this Easter egg, the players can demonstrate that the Purple Guy was really inside of Springtrap and the reason for him to split it off is that he was trying to escape away from this animatronic. Also, there is another theory saying that Purple Guy has been there for a long period.


Bonnie/Springtrap Paper Plate Doll

From the top of the box, you can catch sight of a Bonnie or Springtrap paper plate doll. Go take a look at it; you may find it extremely bad! There are lots of dirty stains, dust and much more that can be seen on paper plate doll. Occasionally, the doll will pop up right after the jumpscares. In addition, there is a Paper Plate Man in FNaF 2, and the player could have Freddy Paper Plate Doll moving in FNaF 4!

Freddy In The Office

The truth is this Easter egg is extremely infrequent! It can be regarded as a Golden Freddy in office. However, that’s just a theory because this bear is brown, not a golden one. Can it be Freddy? But no need to worry about it because this egg won’t harm you or crash the game! Just stay there and watch it from a distance if you want!


Springtrap appearing on Posters

This is another infrequent Easter Egg in the game! It will occur on various cameras, and seemingly, Spingtrap will be on some of the posters under the animated version. It can be considered as a picture when Springtrap was still a pleasing animatronic. Take a look at his white eyes! It could be Purple Guy going inside of him!

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