Five Nights At Freddy’s Phone Guy

Five Nights At Freddy’s Phone Guy is the previous guard of the Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. He used to work at The Office before events of this online game.

This guy helps players by telling about the behaviors of animatronics from the starting of the night. And he will stop his task until night 4. Here, you will hear the last message.

Most of the players said that the Phone Guy is the real ally in this horror FNAF online game. He works in a friendly way when he insists that they should stay or calm down and control the situation instead of giving up the challenge and leaving suddenly. We can confirm that this man is the only ally we have in the fight against the monsters.OfficeClean

Personality of Phone Guy

As we have displayed, you can see he is the good person in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza shop. If you play this game and have the chance to meet him, you may be surprised with his personality. He is the nonchalant man. And you might not find the reason for this. In FNAF, he tries his best to announce and advice players “really nothing to worry about” despite the danger. He may lie some way. But his saying can decrease your fear.

Aside from that, he is also clumsy and hesitant. Sometimes, he stutters and laughs without feeling pleasant. It can imply that he is worried about the warning or advice of the possibility that animatronics will attack you. You should empathize with this situation. It looks like he can’t help you best. He doesn’t want to see you die in front of him.


He will appear from the Night 1 to Night 4 of FNAF. He calls and leaves the message for you. All of them can be found easily below. The following information contains spoilers.


  • Scott Cawthon, the developer, is the person who voices for Phone Guy. If you want to play FNAF online successfully, you’d better listen to what he announces on the night 1 and 2. He will provide the key hints on the gameplay and the mechanics about the way the game works. He is the tutorial version of the game.
  • A theory is convinced that the Phone Guy is stuffed inside Chica. It seems to be in the second row of teeth. This is proved when players hear the raspy sound in Chica’s throat. It looks like the human groaning noise when it comes close to players. It simply belongs to endoskeleton. But, others supposed the teeth have no problem. Because when you observe closely, you can see the same in Bonnie’s mouth. That sound is not specific. And it is as same as Bonnie’s.
  • Similar to this, some players guessed that Phone Guy is not stuffed in Chica on Night 4. It is inside Golden Freddy. The proof is he has a limp, weak body that is in the position being adopted by the dead bodies while sitting down. It is noticed that before the call on Night 4 ends, Golden Freddy’s sound is heard. It’s possible that Phone Guy is stuffed into one of heads Backstage.
  • As Phone Guy talks to players on the phone, you should keep an eye on Freddy Fazbear and other animatronics. If you can’t control the situation, you can be attacked and stuffed into a Freddy suit after the message. Sometimes, this can happen sooner. On later nights, Foxy can kill you like that.
  • • On Night 5, Yogananda posits that metal has an important role in the life. It may imply to animatronics that are made of metal. But they can live and move like the real people. Any connection between the FNAF game and the sound is very unlikely. The speech is a stock sound.
  • In the interview with Click Team, the developer refers that Phone Guy is the Phone Guy literally. It means that he has no canon name.
  • On Night 4, the call has the different sound from what you heard in the game when Foxy is present at the door. It is emitted in another background.
  • During the game, players can mute Phone Guy’s call. This action can be done in the second and third game.
  • The phone calls are shorter than the last.
  • Phone Guy stated that “it’s amazing that the human body can live without the frontal lobe.” But on Night 6 of the fourth game, you can hear a flatline in the end. It suggests the main character dies.
  • The protagonist seems to be killed by a bite of ’87 and is taken to the hospital. This may be the result of the incident.

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