Five Nights At Freddy’s Toys

As we know, Toy Freddy is a brand new antagonist appearing in FNAF 2. This bear is is viewed as a replica of Freddy Fazbear, which is already redesigned.

Outside Appearance of Toy Freddy

Toy Freddy seems to have the same external appearance as Freddy Fazbear. He is known as a light brown animatronic being, with awesome body parts like tummy, ears or snout. His appearance can be described like this: black eyebrows with brown eyelids, short eyelashes, black nose, red cheeks and blue eyes as well. Different from other animatronics, Toy Freddy probably has a matte coating instead of a gleaming finish.

About the face of Toy Freddy, we can see that his face is so much broader and more round than our Freddy Fazbear. There are lots of people considering that Toy Freddy has the widest of all the animatronic beings. You can see that his body is larger if we compare him to Freddy Fazbear. About his outfit, he puts on a black bow tie along with black buttons, and then he wears a little hat while his right hand is holding a microphone. When Toy Freddy sets his footstep in the office, his eyes will be most likely the endoskeleton.


Different from Freddy Fazbear, this Toy Freddy is extremely energetic for the initial two nights. His adventure will begin from the Show Stage, then enter the Game area, and continue to arrive at the hallway located outside the Office, and finally reach the player standing there. You can use the flashlight to check out his position in the hallway.

There is a way to stop Toy Freddy getting into the office. You need to wear the Freddy Fazbear head so that you can stop him. If he is already in the office, and you somehow moves down the monitor, Toy Freddy will be right in front of the desk showing his creepy eyes right before he disappears. Therefore, you need to put on the head of Freddy instantly once seeing Toy Freddy coming close to you. This will help you dodge the forthcoming death. If you ignore or postpone the action of equipping the head, that will make Toy Freddy vanish, but only make a comeback in order to assault when they subsequently take off the head or put on and move down the Monitor, which will stop the game immediately. Be careful because he probably will put the Monitor down violently or eliminate the head of Freddy if you leave it for some time right after you fail to prevent him. However, if you can do put the head on in time, Toy Freddy will leave and come back to his first spot – the Show Stage then he will do these stuff once again.
Similar to other animatronic beings, Toy Freddy will turn into extremely lazy for the subsequent nights. However, he will become energetic one again on Night 5.


  • As for Toy Freddy, leaving the office will take too much time in the iOS version of several older models. The same goes for Freddy, Bonnie and Chica.
  • Only Toy Freddy, Freddy, Foxy and BB will make their comeback the beginning spots throughout the night.
  • In PC version, if you touch the nose of Toy Freddy showing on the poster in the office with the text “Celebrate”, it will release the squeal just like Freddy did in the previous game. For the mobile version, it won’t happen!
  • Similar to Freddy Fazbear, Toy Freddy also holds the little microphone while he is chasing the player. This will make him easily hold any equipment in his hands when he turns to active.
  • Different from Freddy Fazbear, Toy Freddy is very energetic for night 1 and night 2
  • Toy Freddy is considered as the only animatronic that can act just like the ancient animatronic beings when assaulting or waiting for the player to do the next actions, like put off the head or brings up the monitor and then it will start assaulting.
  • Similar to the ancient animatronics, the jumpscare of Toy Freddy will be the same! He will turn up very close to the face of the player instead of lunging at them just the other ones do.
    One more special point that we need to know about this Toy Freddy. He usually switches his appearance when he pass by the pizzeria.
  • Similar to other characters, Toy Freddy doesn’t have any plushie that is unlockable on the Custom Night, the same goes for Toy Chica, The Puppet and Mangle.
  • Similar to other animatronic beings, Toy Freddy was also eliminated at the end of Night 6 because of the potential malfunctioning.
  • Along with Freddy Fazbear, Golden Freddy, Foxy, and The Puppet, Toy Freddy doesn’t show his appearance in the air events. And he won’t pass by any party rooms to get to the player either.
    Toy Freddy doesn’t show his appearance in the Game Area for the mobile version.
  • Being on the Show Stage, Toy Freddy will show his eyelashes clearly, but when he starts moving, they disappear instantly
  • After getting into the office, Toy Freddy will stand close to the right side of the room, which is very different from the ancient animatronic beings standing in the middle of the left of the room instantly.
    When getting into the Office, Toy Freddy will turn to eyeless.
  • Sometimes, if Toy Freddy increase his movement speed and Balloon Boy reduces his movement speed, the player can totally see them in the Game Area. This will be more usual for the night 1 when Balloon Boy stays unmoved on that night.

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