FNaF World Gameplay And Release Analyzed

Find out the character sets, gameplay, attacks and other good information revolving FNaF World made and developed by Scott Cawthon! Explore Freddy’s world now!

About the game

Are you excited for checking out FNaF World game made by Scott Cawthon? We are so close to the official release date of this hilarious RPG game, and most of FNaF’s fans are so curious about in-game features, adventures and stuff like that. Let’s stick with us now and explore wonderful information about this game!

FNaF World

In-game Characters

The trailer of FNaF World has been uploaded by the game developer, and in the video, we can partly explore some of the scenes from the game. The most significant part of it is the animatronics coming from Five Nights at Freddy’s series. The player will have a chance to choose their favorite characters, put them in their own party and take control them when fighting against the enemies. Besides the classic animatronics like Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, the game developer also has enlarged this troop by adding more other versions of animatronics, such as withered, phantom, nightmare and so on.
However, there are probably, even more, characters besides the classic ones that the creator has mentioned. Via an old post on Steam, he also said that FNaF World will consist on hidden animatronics as Easter eggs. If we want to know what it is about, we need to wait for the game to be released!


According to the trailer, we can see that Freddy and his friends are battling against robotic enemies like a crab. There are a lot of enemies with various types of them, and the characters will use their specific skills to fight and kill them.

Character Names

Speaking of characters, the video announced a few of awesome characters’ names too. The Balloon Girl Easter egg coming from FNaF 2 has previous been dubbed JJ. Perhaps, the most bizarre could be the Funtime Foxy moniker instead of Toy Foxy.

Gameplay and Assaults

Scott Cawthon has made his announcement on Steam, saying that FNaF World is a hilarious RPG game taking the players to the fantasy world of Freddy and his friends. This is the game in which the players can totally create their own party and take control of their characters to direct the whole world and fight against the enemies.

The game also consists of various turn-based fights for your experience. Via the trailer, the players can partly see that the animatronics utilize their discrepant assault slots to take down the enemies. These attacks can be called movements, and they can deliver a lot of damages.

Obviously, not all the movements can attack the enemies. For example, Chica’s cupcake move is only used for curing the injuries and has no effect for striking.

Full Movement of Character sets

There are five discrepant movement sets in FNaF World, check them out now!

  • Chica: Cupcake, Birthday, Waterhose
  • Spring Bonnie: Springlocks, Happy Jam 2, Cosmic Song
  • Phantom Mangle: Toxic Bite, Mystery Box, Pizza Wheel 2
  • Nightmare Freddy: Bite 2, Sludge, Freddles
  • Phantom Foxy: Jumpscare, Toxic Bite, Unscrew

There are some moves such as Pizza Wheel, or Springlocks, and they are sort of respect to Five Nights at Freddy’s games series. The rest of them have been created just only for FNaF World.

Other Tidbits

The trailer also partly revealed that FNaF World would take place on a lot of discrepant settings. We have just admired the green meadow from the teasers and a short cut to an Ice Cave Map.

Game details

Published: February 23, 2016
Category: FNAF News


FNaF World Gameplay And Release Analyzed

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