Five Night At Freddy 4 On Scratch Real Game

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Use the mouse to move, Spacebar to the flashlight, Ctrl to control the door, and X to hide tips in Five Night At Freddy 4(FNAF4) on Scratch real game.

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Five Night At Freddy 4 On Scratch Real Game

Let’s come and play Five Night At Freddy 4(FNAF4) free online on scratch real game right now! In which you will have the important mission. If you can’t fight against monsters for a long time, you will die. Here, you can feel the dark scenes through the music, the breath, flashlight and more. In FNAF 4 online, you will have the opportunity to survive once you control the situation. Try to listen to every sound, noise and watch out every movement you suspect in this Five Night At Freddy 4! This time, you must keep your house and your life safe until the last seconds. Attacks can happen, and you also may be killed any time. To protect the puppet, you should toggle the music box or play music. The mask is one of the ways to observe. Even though you can imagine how you will face this scary FNAF 4 On Scratch, you’d better join and experience by yourself. There is nothing more terrible than it. Good luck!

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