Five Nights at SpongeBob’s

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Five Nights at SpongeBob’s

Five Nights at SpongeBob’s offers brand new epic dreadful adventure to all of the people who are fond of the scary stuff. It’s time for you to download this awesome fan-made game and enjoy more!
Five Nights at SpongeBob’s was made and developed by Charlie Cantkier – a loyal fan of the original Five Nights at Freddy’s games. The game is all for free, even the download version. So you can freely enjoy and explore the in-game challenges. Similar to the gameplay of FNAF games, in this fan-made version, there will be a brand new entertainment place named Nickelodeon but it was already filled up with nasty animatronic beings. And you – as a new worker working at Spongebob themed restaurant, you are supposed to prevent them from attacking and entering your place when the night comes. Because these animatronics seem to want to make new chaos and be rebellious. They are so insolent and probably never wants to give up on you. Therefore, it’s your urgent mission to keep them away from you, from your place and try to survive no matter what. Use your strategies and perform keen eyes when observing them. Good luck!

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