Five Nights at Thomas’s Free Online

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Five Nights at Thomas’s  Free Online

Here comes another Pizza restaurant that supplies various delicious pizzas with appealing cost. Join Five Nights at Thomas’s free online and experience the dreadful feelings now!

Based on the famous storyline of Five Nights at Freddy games developed by Scott Cawthon, we now have another job at the funny place called Thomas’s Pizza Railway. The whole pizza world is opening up in front of you with very low cost ( just only 5.99). They are hiring a new employee working at night shift, and you’re the suitable one! So are you up for it? The salary might be very good! Well, but it doesn’t seem so easy to complete it! Because you might confront with the uninvited guests. Animatronic beings are already here and ready to get your life. That’s the biggest challenges to you! You need to keep an eye on them while trying to place the coal in a furnace so that the power still runs well or something like that. Don’t worry, you still have a flashlight which can help you stay alive for five nights. Alright, just calm your soul and use your wisdom or any strategies to stop those animatronic beings from attacking you!

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