Five Nights At Treasure Island

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Five Nights At Treasure Island

Five Nights At Treasure Island is such a funny place for various entertainments. Click to play this free online game and check out what you will do and experience in there!
As we know, Five Nights At Freddy’s game is so famous for its creepy gameplay made and developed by Scott Cawthon. And now, we are going to explore as well as experience the same feelings with another fan-made version called Five Nights At Treasure Island created by Matthew Phoenix Rodriguez. The game was based on FNAF game and Abandoned by Disney. Your adventure will take place in the so-called Treasure Island in which you will become an apprentice of a research team, and you are not allowed to take your leave from the office except for the Pirate Caverns. There are around 10 cameras stationed around that place which can be reachable and the facility for using them must be observed. The outfits that were found in the facility wander around when the night comes, and they need to be observed by the player. Try to open the monitor and deactivate all the camera system when seeing a mascot getting into the office. Turning off the cameras can help you distract it away. If you can’t do this, your life will end. Try to survive for five nights and conquer all the challenges!

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