Five nights of love

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Five nights of love

Who would think that someday you will fall in love with animatronic beings! Is it possible to happen? Why don’t you join Five Nights of Love made by a fan and check out if it’s true or not!
Five Nights of Love will be so much fun to enjoy! Inspired by the original Five Nights at Freddy’s developed by Scott Cawthon, this fan-made version is so interesting and creative! The story will be totally different from the original one. You still take a job as a night security guard but this time, no more terrors, no more fears when confronting with animatronics! On the contrary, you need to try to talk to them or do something that can help you gain the love points. Interact and make them feel blissful and be open to you! Remember, those animatronics won’t stay unmoved, they will move around, and you probably find very difficult to communicate with them. But just try, you will get your true mate that you want to be with! Good luck and have fun!

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