Fnaf: Sister Location Custom Night

Light Switch
Game loaded, click here to play the game!
Press the left mouse button to interact with tools, WAD to close the door.

Game Details

Fnaf: Sister Location Custom Night

Fnaf: Sister Location Custom Night is a crazy version based on Fnaf games. It is set in a spooky building in which you will work as a nigh guard. But, your main aim is to survive as long as possible. You have to defend yourself from jumpscares of scary animatronic characters while you cannot leave the office.

You’d better interact with tools in Fnaf: Sister Location Custom Night game, for example, close the door to block them from moving into your room. Additionally, try to use the power and oxygen sparingly! These resources are limited. They should be maintained properly. There will be 10 robots from FNaF to challenge, some cameras to supervise your foes. Furthermore, you can set the difficulty level of each opponent. Are you ready to embark on your shift and become the winner? Open the episode and show up your abilities to keep living until the final day ends! Good luck!

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