Freddy’s Nyan Cat Creator

Light Switch
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Use the mouse to select the body parts and create the cat

Game Details

Freddy’s Nyan Cat Creator

Freddy’s Nyan Cat Creator is a fan-game inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s. Joining the game, the players will have a chance to fly high their creativity! Check it out!
The game gives you a chance to become the best cat creator ever! You can decorate your cat following your own way. As you see, there is a bunch of body parts that you can choose when creating, including eyes, head, mouth and ears. You can select what you like and mix them to create a full cat. This sounds so interesting, right? Just feel free and create the most horrible Nyan Cats that you have ever had. When you are done, you can display your cat and let it fly by hitting “Go” button. The chance for you to create is limitless, so don’t be hesitant! You can take more pictures of your cat and show your friends! Play the game now!

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