Interactive FOXY!

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Use the mouse to interact with Foxy.

Game Details

Interactive FOXY!

Foxy is one of the animatronics appearing in Five Nights sat Freddy’s game. Now, you can mess with this fox in Interactive Foxy which is an online FNaF game made by a fan!
Interactive Foxy is a good chance for you to create a new relationship with this lovely Fox, especially if you are a big fan of him! No need to be scared of him anymore! In this fan-game, you are supposed to do stuff to him, such as pat his head, tickle him, touch his body or do anything you want. Nevertheless, if you unintentionally touch his eyepatch, you will get jumpscared for sure! In the original games, Foxy is extremely hard to deal with because he wants you to keep and eye on him regularly so that other animatronics have more time for moving. However, you won’t feel that way in this fan-game! Mess with him as much as you want and see if he loves you or not! Good luck!

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