Shootout Showdown – FNAF Shooter Game

Light Switch
Game loaded, click here to play the game!
Use the mouse to aim and shoot at the head of animatronic.
Press down arrow key or key S to reload.
Key A or left cursor to enter the left room.
Key D or right cursor to enter the right room.

Game Details

Shootout Showdown – FNAF Shooter Game

Play Shootout Showdown, which is one of the best FNaF Shooter games made by a fan. You will test your shooting skill through lots of challenges and stages! Check it out!
Shootout Showdown – FNAF Shooter Game will give you a chance to kill all the nasty animatronics in Five Nights at Freddy’s game. Show no mercy to them, guys! It’s time to take revenge! These animatronic will approach you gradually, so you have to shoot at them before they get closer. There are two rooms that you have to check and try to pay full attention to your mission. During the game, you also need to reload your gun and make sure your weapon is full of bullets. There are two modes in the game, Survival and Endless. In Survival, you are supposed to extend your life until 6 am, the rest mode will require you to sharpen your abilities. Start your challenge now and see how long you can last! Wish you luck!

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