Slenderman vs. Freddy the Fazbear

Light Switch
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Choose WASD to move, Space to jump, Left mouse to hit, Right mouse to block, scroll the mouse to change weapons, F to collect, LMB+Shift to run, LMB+Ctrl to crouch, X to prone

Game Details

Slenderman vs. Freddy the Fazbear

Slenderman vs. Freddy the Fazbear is a 3D horror game. Play online a survival match in which you will take the role of an animatronic character from the popular Fnaf scary games series by Scott Cawthon. More importantly, you have to defend yourself from the wicked monster named Slenderman. Make use of every ability such as running, collecting. It’s possible to choose to evade or attack the enemy! Start your unblocked adventure for free and stay alive at the end!

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