Five Nights at Hanwil’s 3 Pre-Release

Download the cool Five Nights at Hanwil’s 3 Pre-Release fangame based on Fnaf and get ready to face monsters coming from your nightmare for several days! You are joining an extremely interesting mission at Hanwil’s #%!G47. After closing the pizzeria 30 years ago, a Springwoman has been re-borned. Actually, you are traped in a haunted attraction. It is a very creepy, spooky, haunted, and dangerous destination in Five Nights at Hanwil’s 3 Pre-Release. In which, scary items have been already triggered. They are looking for new victims and kill them whenever they catch. They are dismantling animatronics and they are also the enemies that you have to prevent from getting close to your area. So, your objective is to survive as long as possible. You’d better make use of every tool that you find. They will be weapons that block the foes from performing deadly jumpscares until 6 AM. Are you willing to accept that challenge and conquer it? Hop into the building and embark on your job right now! Good luck!

Five Nights at Hanwil’s 3

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