Rejected Custom Night

Rejected Custom Night Version 1.0.0

Rejected Custom Night Version 1.0.0

Rejected Custom Night is a great horror Fnaf fangame. It is available to download and play your way! It is about a match between you and numerous animatronics! You have been hired to watch over a creepy place. But, it is also the home of 50 hostile characters coming from all Fnaf titles. You’d better block them from breaking into your area or you will be killed when they perform jumpscares. Are you ready to join that fun ultimate match? Remember to make use of items around!



  • Left mouse to add AI
  • Right mouse to delete AI
  • Middle mouse to complete 10 AI


  • W to interact with the vent door
  • A to the left door
  • D to the right door
  • Q to the left vent door
  • E to the right vent door


  • Ctrl to toggle the flashlight
  • SPace bar to switch on or off the fan
  • Left click to drink coffee

Rejected Custom Night

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