Five Nights At Freddy’s World Is An RPG, Is Real

Most of the fans of horror Five Nights at Freddy’s series are excited about the new game made by Scott Cawthon to be released. Obviously, we already know that there will not be any Five Nights at Freddy’s 5 since the whole story has come to an end. In order to make up for the expectations of fans, our game developer has been working on his new product which can be viewed as the spin-off version of Five Nights at Freddy’s games. Will this new game be scary? Will we bump into spooky Freddy and his friends? We will find out soon!

Five Nights At Freddy’s World Is An RPG, Is Real

FNaF World

The upcoming new game that Scott Cawthon has been developing named FNaF World, which is a brand new genre to all the loyal fans of the famous horror series. Scott Cawthon also has made his announcement over Steam like this:

“The new game that I’m working on will be called FNAF World. It will not be a horror game, but a role playing game where you create a party using the huge selection of characters from the FNaF games, including the classic, withered, toy, phantom, and nightmare versions.”

It’s totally true! FNaF World is a real hilarious RPG game offering various character sets and cool animatronics taken from Five Nights at Freddy’s. Once joining the game, the player can totally create their own party and take control of their favorite characters to battle and kill the enemies. Each of characters will be equipped with different abilities, and the players need to make the best use of them for their struggle.

If you are fond of this PRG genre, you should check out the demo version which has just been released by Scott Cawthon recently. The demo will partly reveal the gameplay, awesome playable characters, the epic animated adventures, cool quests and much more. Click the link below here to start downloading FNaf World for free!

Download FNaF World

Standpoint of Scott Cawthon

After successfully releasing the whole horror Five Nights at Freddy’s series, Scott Cawthon has gained his reputation and achieved a big success. Most of the loyal fans of FNaF games are extremely into what he brought, ranging from unique gameplay, awesome, impressive animatronics, panic feelings and stuff. In order to make up for what the fans have been waiting, especially Five Nights at Freddy’s 5, Scott has made his decision on creating another cool product for the players to explore all of the hidden corners of Freddy’s world. That game was called FNaF World which is a new RPG game offering tons of fabulous moments and nice challenges. The creator wants to bring a good occasion to his fans so that they can select and play as the characters that they want to.

Without a doubt, Five Nights at Freddy’s games has obtained a big success due to its unique story. Is it possible for the spooky animatronics to change to cute and friendly? That’s what Scott Cawthon wants to deliver to the players, you know.. a completely new world filled with epic adventures!

Additionally, Scott Cawthon also said that when he saw the title Five Nights at Freddy’s World, at first, he thought that the game would be occurred at a wonderful theme park. Also, he even made his speculation, thinking that FNaF World wouldn’t be based on the fictional series that much, but he still wasn’t able to come up with a reason for a party of withered and nightmare animatronics to be made on epic animated adventures, and quests happening in a theme park.

Obviously, our game developer would be very blissful and glad to witness a real life theme park of Freddy, though he can hope to the inevitable EuroFreddy’s spin-off closing down for the maintenance and never reopening.

Scott would be very glad to see a real life theme part of Freddy, even though he could expect to the unavoidable EuroFreddy’s spin-off which shuts down for conservation and never reopens.
Now, you can imagine some of the epic scenes of it, 20 years from now, which is full of rotten terrifying shows. Nightmare fuel of the highest octane.

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