Five Nights at Frozen v.1.4

Light Switch
Game loaded, click here to play the game!
Use the mouse to move and control the camera, R to restart the Five Nights at Frozen v. 1.4.

Game Details

Five Nights at Frozen v.1.4

Play Five Nights at Frozen v. 1.4 (FNAF) online game for free and explore everything in the haunted castle. It is the combination of Scratch and Alice programming. There are a lot of sound effects and the camera sprite.
After joining Five Nights at Frozen, you can see that this is the dark place with many items on the long table. Besides the old objects, there is a portrait of a handsome Prince. Everything here may be owned by a beautiful Princess. If you move to the left and right, you can find the red and green buttons. They are used to open or shut the door. It will stop any dangerous creature before it attacks you. So, in this Five Nights at Frozen, the mission is to survive at all costs. Don’t forget to watch out cameras to detect abnormality! FNAF with many Disney characters will be very suitable for kids. If you get any glitch in your night, you can press R to restart.

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